"Life's most urgent question is: What are you doing for others?"


The Rural Empowerment Society is a nongovernmental organization established in 2018. It is driven by the motto-‘We have ethical responsibility to the other’. The single most objective of this organization is to extend services ranging from sanitation and water to education and health to the different nook and cranny of backward isolated regions where the eye and attention of government have not reached. With the sole motive of making people from backward region aware of their basic troubles and hardships, this organization has been working since last two years.

Our Objectives:

The following objectives are fixed and finalized by the organization:

  • How to boost people trapped in poverty, backwardness, hardships and others hassles educationally, psychologically, socially and economically.
  • How to alleviate harsh and harrowing hardships of people who struggle hard to survive.
  • How to provide minimum basic services like drinking water, knowledge about sanitation and active social life.
  • How to enable and empower people dwelling in the backward zone with regard to their own local resources the instant management of which can free them from troubles and hardships.
  • To implant a firm sense of responsibility on the part of local people is another equally important motive of this organization.
  • To inform the government about the local challenges and plead with the donors for different packages and programs is crucial part of this organization's purpose.

Our Mission:

To coordinate the already fragmented, neglected and isolated regions for the purpose of coalescing them into a developed and stable zone of prosperity is mission of this organization. For the accomplishment of this mission, selfless sacrifices, altruistic sense of reciprocity, consistency, and devotion are of immense importance. The organization expects from all of its members the honest display of these norms.

Our Vision:

This organization cherishes the vision of empowering all the people from backward regions so that they develop full-fledged knowledge about how to deal with their local troubles and how to struggle to live actively and kindly. To create a harmonious society based on the principle of reciprocal exchange of means and resources for the collective well-being of society at large is the ultimate vision.

Voice of President:

Mr. Manoj Panta (President)

Hello,  I am Manoj Panta, the president of the Rural Empowerment Society which is a non-governmental,  non- profit and non-political organization. Rural Empowerment Society came into establishment in Jan, 2018.Since its establishment, it is fully involved in extending welfare-oriented services such as distributing pure drinking water to the people from remote areas. It is devoted to improving the quality education by donating computers and laptops to the schools from backward regions. By the same token, it has been providing lab instruments in local public clinics and health-posts under the guidance and protections of local government.

Some of its works have won the hearts of many poor and undernourished people dwelling in the remote parts of Kavre, Ramechhap and other neighbour districts.  So far RES (Rural Empowerment Society) has achieved useful feats in the field of social service and welfare.  In 2017 A.D. we had completed its first water lifting project at Chapekhola, Arubot which is located in Chauri Deurali RM, ward no. 6. This water lifting project targeted 70 houses. People from these houses are incredibly glad to get pure drinking water from this project. I, too, personally take pride in this achievement of RES.  The entire project is funded by West Vlaanderen Province, Belgium (WVPB) and SAMCOE VZW Belgium.

Kanpur Water-lifting project is another project that received unexpected public support, positive public responses and fantastic sense of solidarity among people who are the real recipient of the benefits accruing from the successful completion of this project. This project is installed at Kanpur, one of the least developed regions in Namobuddha municipality war no. 5, Kavre District.  Approximately forty houses are reaping benefits following the completion of this project. Like the former project at Arubot, it is also funded by WVPB. At Chauri Deurali RM, 06, Jyamire water tank construction has reached its completion with a promise to target 140 houses. Like a couple of former projects, it too is aided and assisted financially by WVPB and SAMCOE VZW Belguim.

In sharp contrast to these projects, RES has done different sort s of things such as computer donating programs. In addition to providing pure drinking water, RES has undertaken the task of handing over computers to government schools at rural community prone to the jolts of poverty, illiteracy, and superstition. RES handed over 10 computer sets to a Maahangkal basic school at Temal RM-06, Pakuwal Kavre where 72 students are learning. Surprisingly enough, this welfare-oriented program is also the result of WVPB’s generosity.  Following the chart of the diversity of its objectives and goals, RES has managed to launch a scholarship program at Balchetana Basic School at Dulikhel Municipality-09, Kavre District.  Thirty five students took direct benefits from this scholarship program. 

Furthermore, in the same school basic health camp was conducted with a view to making approximately 355 people aware of health hazards that can crop up in rural community.  These two philanthropic acts belong to the domain of APC, France. Taking its attention from the acts of greater concerns, RES has distributed blankets in 2017 to people from Doramba RM, Risthe. This distribution is facilitated by ‘open your hands’, an organization in France. The same and similar type of blanket distribution in Bhumlu RM is also assisted economically by the same organization in France. 

Outlining some of these feats and deeds of far-reaching repercussions, I would like conclude with an affirmation that in times to come RES will continue to explore further avenues of social welfare and philanthropic acts to people dwelling in backward, inaccessible and geographically isolated regions prone to poverty, illiteracy and various other ailments.

Our Team:

Res Team Manoj Panta

Manoj Panta

Res Team Rekha Thapa

Rekha Thapa

Res Team Manoj Lama

Manoj Lama

General Secretary
RES Team Aruna Adhikari

Aruna Adhikari

Res Team Nabin Marasini

Nabin Marasini

Res Team Sanju Maharjan

Sanju Maharjan

Res Team Bimba Prakash

Bimba Prakash

Field Supervisor