We Help People by Random Programs


We completed Arubot is falls in chaurideurali rural municipality_06 kavredistrict, Kanpur village is in the Namobuddha municipality-o5 in Kavre district and Jyamire water tank construction is the another project financial aid by West Vlaanderen Province Belgium and Samcoevzw Belgium in 2018.


Pakuwal computer lab:  Rural Empowerment society works on different sectors. It feels easy to work in remote area. Drinking water, Health, Education, Environment, Agriculture are the most common sectors.In this way, this organization helped in the Mahangkal Basic school in pakuwal village in Kavre district.

Blanket Distribution

Blanket distribution program is the family support program in Risthe village in Ramechhap and jyamdi village kavre.In this program, 15 old age people got a warm and thick blankets in midwinter season -2018. The French association(Ouvre les mains) and specially it president Pauline Fournier had financially contributed for this project.

Health Campaign

Projects by APC France: APC France is the another financial supporter for RES. It worked in the specially in the phaskot village Dhulikel Municipality. In 2018 this organization supports for school children, basic health camp, family support program.